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From Fear to Love of Flying

Although I never considered myself a nervous flyer, I started noticing that I became sick on airplanes -- so much so that I began to plan vacations that did not involve flying. With Viktoria, however, I overcame the unpleasant feelings -- and sickness -- associated with flying.   In fact, the first trip I took after the session was a 16-hour flight to Asia during which I was so relaxed that I fell asleep -- something that had never happened before.  Thanks to Viktoria, flying is no longer a concern when I make vacation plans.


Scarsdale, New York, 2016

Grief, Depression

& New Life Opportunities

I had two sessions with Viktoria and they helped me not only resolve the grief over my mother's death and get over the depression but also start learning about a journey for myself that revealed a lot of opportunities that I never saw before. And this changed my life completely.


My life is balanced now. I have an interesting professional and happy private life. Thank you very much Viktoria for that!



Almaty, Kazakhstan

May 2013

Stress and Past Memories

I had learned about Viktoria from a friend. I had some health issues and as a result developed severe depression; Viktoria was my only hope. She offered to teach me how to cope with stress. Right after the very first session I had a burst of energy, my mood improved and ... 


Viktoria has guided me with NLP and hypnosis on how to project the future and how to put aside those unpleasant memories from my past, she made me feel special and happy.


Inna Shneyder, Financial Analyst

New Jersey, USA

June 2009

Attitude Change

Anger Management

My attitude toward life issues is a lot more positive now. It is still a battle with my old self but you gave me the tools to fight and win this battle and I will.

Now my next big step is to learn how to express my feelings with words. I do take for granted that people are able to read my mind or that they should know what I need and want. Communication is a very important tool that I am learning  to use.


I am still amazed about all the techniques I learned from you that changed my attitude and the way I deal with my problems and what amazed me the most was how fast I saw the results.


Karla Marques, Interior Designer

New York City USA/Brazil

December 2007

Diabetes and Stress

In April 2007 I was diagnosed with diabetes... I decided to become healthy again ...  It took us only three sessions and three weeks for me to return to normal blood sugar level.


The sessions were full of laughter and the techniques were easy to learn and remember, but the best parts of sessions were hypnotic relaxations and Viktoria’s warm and caring atmosphere.


Thank you Viktoria!


Eugenia S, Musician/Real Estate Agent

Brooklyn , NY

June 2009

Higher Self Esteem

Weight Management & No More Fear of Heights

Ever since I was young I have suffered from very low self-esteem, a basic lack of confidence, and a feeling that I was terribly unloved. Due to these feelings I started gaining weight that I didn't need at all. Fortunate for me I met Viktoria and she helped me change my life. After one session with her I felt so much better about myself. I know that I am loved by many people. I have started to lose weight and have gained a huge amount of confidence in myself. I also had a fear of heights before coming to Viktoria. After our first meeting that fear was gone! I have truly been blessed at meeting this lovely and wonderful woman.


Deirdre Cotter, Elementary School Teacher

New Rochelle, New York, USA

March 2008

Quit Smoking

My name is Karen Daduryan. I am 39 now. I began smoking about 25 years ago, while in high school... 


With Viktoria's help, I quit. It feels like freeing oneself from a prison or some sort of slavery - slavery to one's own habit. I have become a staunch advocate of non-smoking...  Now I taste food and wine differently, I do not suffer of smell and cough, and I feel free - thanks to Viktoria, a wonderful professional and a good friend of mine…


(Mr.) Karen Daduryan, UN Senior Officer

New York, Bratislava

17 June 2009

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Life-changing results

Free from a 7-year gag reflex

Thank you for your incredible gift. I would like to tell everyone who needs help about what you can achieve.


My 11-year-old son had a gag-reflex. Anytime he would eat a bite of food that he didn't like, and particularly green vegetables, he would throw up.


Viktoria had removed this dark cloud and nobody was happier about it than my son. This was a year ago, and now he actually prefers veggies and salad to french fries and other unhealthy foods. He feels so much better as a result. It is like a miracle.


Allison Moore

Irvington, New York

May 2013


Confidence & Performance



When I first met Viktoria, I was struck with how intuitive and insightful she was. The beauty of her method is that it is simple and fun, but it works like a charm. She has taught me so many marvelous techniques, which I am using on a daily basis...


Viktoria is an exemplary professional. She has a rare depth of understanding human behaviour and really knows her NLP.  I have achieved fast and real results with her.


Many thanks!

Gayané  Hovakimian, PhD, Professor

New York, NY

November 2010

Fear of Flying

Pain Management & More

My Journey: NLP sessions with Viktoria are effective, fast-working, helping a person to go through the changes painlessly and even with joy. You don’t even expect the changes to come your way that quick and stay with you for ever. I was amazed by the results ...


Viktoria is the right person to go to! Definitely worth doing! I’m enormously grateful to her for everything she has done for me!


Narine Karamyan, poet, writer, photographer,

New York City, USA/Armenia

Owner of Three Jugs Bed&Breakfast & Events

May 2007

Moving On

Mending after a break-up

I knew it was inevitable that I would see my ex again since we now work within the same couple blocks, but I was still surprised when I did....It was exactly how I had imagined and practiced it in my mind before with Viktoria. It was exactly how I wanted to act and feel and that felt great.


Thank you Viktoria so so so much for all of your invaluable lessons. I always recommend you to people when life coaching topics come up because it truly changed the way I live and see life. I think I am the happiest person I know, and I’m attracting new friends that are happy like me!


I cannot thank you enough!


Seattle, WA

May 2013

Test/Interview Anxiety

No more panic attacks

Since my high school and college years I have had terrible anxiety during exams/tests that I wasn’t able to pass any of them.  I was always prepared for them but then during the test something would happen and I would forget almost everything. Later in my life the same scenario would happen during job interviews...


Your excellent magic work has helped me forget about something that used to torture me during each and every test for almost 7 years! I didn’t actually remember at all that I had suffered from anxiety before. I totally forgot! Only when you asked did I realize that I am free, that the anxiety and panic attacks went away.


Thank you so much Viktoria, I don’t think you understand how much you have helped me!


Zaruhi Hakobyan

November 2013

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More Confidence in Personal & Professional Life

Including Intimacy & Sex

Viktoria Ter-Nikoghosyan is a miracle worker! Before working with Viktoria, I experienced an inability to enjoy myself with men. Even some physical symptoms were occurring that were very uncomfortable when I began to date. I had been divorced a long time and I guess I had a lot of fear about starting a new relationship. Viktoria empowered me, enabled me to find my confidence. The physical symptoms disappeared and I was able to enjoy dating and soon start a relationship. The techniques and insights she facilitated made me more confident not only in my personal life, but in my professional life as well.


If anyone questions the value of Viktoria's work, please call or e- mail me. I'll be happy to talk with you.


Elizabeth Pasquale,,

914 762 4693

Ossining, NY

June 2011

Family & Career Advancement

No more tics or fear of dogs

My son’s lack of self-confidence and fear of dogs were the main reasons why I approached Viktoria. To my surprise, after talking to Viktoria, I realized that the work should be started first with me.


Thanks a lot Viktoria from the bottom of my heart. She is a professional who brought miracle and happiness to our lives, her help allowed us to rediscover ourselves and be in harmony because she simply loves people and wants to help.


If you have any questions regarding me or my son’s work with Viktoria please do not hesitate to write.


Jennet Appova

United Nations Officer,

NY, New York and Turkmenistan

April 2013


Viktoria has it all. She is an enthusiastic, skillful and dedicated coach who approaches others with all her heart, intuition and rich life experience. She is a wise, down-to-earth woman who applies very effective, result-oriented, therapeutic skills.

In the shortest time, she helped me to find the best approaches to deal with my son's learning difficulties. I feel now more confident about my role in my son's education, and I have a new perspective to the situation.


Thanks Viktoria, I hope you continue helping many others.


Marinka Franulovic, lawyer and writer

Author of ‘Two Kyrgyz Women’


April 2008

Self Esteem

Responsibility for Own Life

Hi there. Whoever you are; it does not really matter what age, social or material status you are. If you are reading this then it means that something in your life has driven you to this attempt to make things better ... I'm not going to tell you "Trust me my friend. You are in the RIGHT place!!!!" No ... wrong way. Too common ... Too simple ... I've known Viktoria for a good 7 years. It is an honor to meet such a great person. And I’m not going to talk about her professional side ... IT'S OUT OF THE QUESTION. Her professionalism is JUST a tool brilliantly used by an ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE personality with the only aim - to serve her life purpose - TO HELP PEOPLE. This experienced, creative and supportive soul is what makes people write these testimonials. I just want to say one thing. All changes come from inside of you out to your life. If you are ready to take responsibility for quality changes you have already found your MASTER to share this road with you.
With the deepest appreciation


JV, Lawyer,

Queens, NY, USA

March 2008

Career & Financial Improvement

Self-appreciation, no physical illness

From the time I began working with Viktoria, there has been a remarkable transformation in many areas of my life.  Since then, my mystery illness has been resolved and I'm no longer bound to my bed for 6 months of each year...


It’s like your eyes and ears suddenly open to a whole new realm of information. The best reward of it all is waking up one morning to realize that LIFE ONLY GETS BETTER!!!

Thank you Viktoria for all the wisdom, patience, and love that you have invested into me.


Victoria Petrosyan

Seattle, USA

February 2007

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