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Moving On - Mending after a break-up


I knew it was inevitable that I would see my ex again since we now work within the same couple blocks, but I was still surprised when I did. We hadn't spoken for several months but when I saw him and some of his family in a restaurant I waved, said "hi" and "it was nice to see you!” and waved again as I walked away.  It was exactly how I had imagined and practiced it in my mind before with Viktoria. It was exactly how I wanted to act and feel and that felt great.


In the past, I would have taken personally whatever reaction the other people had and I'd get very upset. The old me would have asked myself “what did I do wrong?” Instead this time I had a confident smile, to all of them. I was able to speak clearly and with a kind tone, and all naturally, not forcing myself to do it. I was happy with myself in that moment with exactly who I was and what I was doing. I was myself and it felt good. I had truly wished them the best. I was free!


It feels so good to wake up every day and love myself the way I do and love others that way too. It seems to just flow out of me with ease. Life is just so much easier to live this way. A year ago I would have never written this. I’m so glad my ex and I broke up, because otherwise I might not have ever learned the wonderful techniques I use every day and the self-love that you made so easy for me to learn. I had no idea I was missing out on this!


Thank you Viktoria so so so much for all of your invaluable lessons. I always recommend you to people when life coaching topics come up because it truly changed the way I live and see life. I think I am the happiest person I know, and I’m attracting new friends that are happy like me!


I cannot thank you enough!                                                                              

With so much love,


Seattle, WA

May  2013



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