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Viktoria's passion is to help you

- leave behind painful trauma and emotional distress in less than a month

- master persuasion to dissolve conflicts and attract more businesses and investors

- discover the innate ability of instant focus, creativity, and innovation to get more done

- achieve personal and professional goals 100 times easier while enjoying work and life

- become full of energy and happy by default

as she has helped thousands of others around the world.

Viktoria is an Executive and Performance (Soft Skills) Consultant/Coach and Hypnotherapist who has learned from many of the best in their fields.  Before becoming a coach, she had several successful and lucrative careers that have led her from a Ph.D. in Biophysics to being an international consultant on organizational development and serving as a consultant to the United Nations. 


Her personal and professional experience has enabled her to develop her unique Master Your Mind System. With 15 years of experience as a stress and performance management consultant for organizations like the United Nations, Viktoria has helped high-level leaders in government and business reach their goals at record speed.

As an Executive Coach, Viktoria specializes in working with high achievers to boost their resilience and productivity after getting derailed by intense challenges. She has helped over 4,000 people in more than 25 countries to get back on track and up-level their performance FAST.


" Taking a coaching session is a break-through process of learning how to live in peace with yourself and easily achieve what you want. You learn the cutting edge skills to effectively help yourself and others. "

My entry in the field was pretty dramatic: Tony Robbins’ course and his famous Firewalk (I certainly enjoyed walking on burning coals) was my first experience in the field of hypnosis and NLP™.


I have been fortunate to receive first-hand training in Hypnosis, NLP™ and Coaching from many of the best in the field:

  • Dr. Richard Bandler - NLP™ co-creator,

  • Paul McKenna, Ph.D. - the UK’s bestselling non-fiction author and the World's leading hypnotist and expert in the power of the human mind,

  • Michael Neill - an internationally renowned success coach with The Society of NLP™

  • John La Valle - Master Trainer & President of The Society of NLP™

  • Kathleen La Valle - Master Trainer of NLP™

  • Melissa Tiers - Center for Integrative Hypnosis

  • Christian Mickelsen - a leading authority on personal development and coaching

  • Jeff Walker- Creator of the Product Launch Formula

  • Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs - Award-winning business trainers for coaches, practitioners, and entrepreneurs

  • and more



  • PhD in Biophysics

  • Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™)

  • Licensed Business Master Practitioner of NLP™, 

  • Licensed Trainer of NLP™

  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist (American National Guild of Hypnotists)

  • The NGH Convention Instructor




You will get your results fast because I understand and teach you how to naturally change your biochemistry to influence your emotions, behavior, performance, and health. 

In addition to 13 years of pure academic experience, I also have 18 years of combined research, leadership, advising, consulting, and training experience in different fields including environment, law, economics, human development, ICT industry, and organizational development. Deep knowledge of these fields makes my coaching much more effective.


I find it fascinating that no matter the country of origin, the same Master Your Mind System has proven successful for people from all over the world. I have worked with representatives of more than 25 countries including the US, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, India, Russia, Switzerland, France, Israel, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, Ukraine, and Armenia. I have provided coaching and advice to diverse individuals and organizations such as opera singers, musicians, athletes, scientists, UN officials, company executives, business teams, and high ranking public officials in several countries. They all have made dramatic changes to their lives.


I enjoy what I do!!!


Coaching is my life mission. It is so rewarding for me to observe your rapid and lasting results and, more importantly, to see happy people who find and achieve what they want.


You will find compassionate care while learning how to feel and act the way you want . . . anytime . . . and enjoy life.


Learn to know your feelings/emotion and how to manage them, also knowing how to motivate yourself and knowing other people’s emotions and how to influence them. All these are the basics that I offer during sessions, workshops, and masterclasses.



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