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Test/Interview Anxiety


Since my high school and college years I have had terrible anxiety during exams/tests.  I wasn’t able to pass any of them at once. I was always prepared for them but then during the test something would happen and I would forget almost everything. Later in my life the same scenario would happen during job interviews. Imagine my lost opportunities!


This tormented me until last summer when Viktoria helped me to get rid of my anxiety in just two sessions!! Three months after the sessions I took an exam to get a license that was really important for my career advancement.  Guess what? Nothing happened! No anxiety before and no panic attacks during the exam. None! But I did not realize this at that time. I took it for granted.


When Viktoria checked up on me this summer she asked about my exams.  I was confused because I didn’t actually remember at all that I had suffered from anxiety before. I totally forgot! I am so sorry but I didn’t think about it to the point that I never got back to Viktoria to let her know that I am doing well. Only when she asked did I realize that I am free; the anxiety and panic attacks went away. Viktoria's excellent magic work has helped me forget about something that used to torture me during each and every test for almost 7 years! Thank you so much Viktoria, I don’t think you understand how much you have helped me!


Zaruhi Hakobyan

November 2013



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