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Diabetes and Stress


In April 2007 I was diagnosed with diabetes. That was a shock for me because at the same time I was going through stressful changes in my life. I decided to become healthy again and avoid medication. One of my friends quit smoking in one session and another one got rid of her 13-year fear of flying with Viktoria’s help and they both recommended her.


In response to my request Viktoria offered to work on my reactions to stresses. With hypnosis and NLP my automatic reactions became different. It took us only three sessions and three weeks for me to return to normal blood sugar level. Even though the first session took around 4 hours,  the first drop in blood sugar level was considerable: it went from 234 to 117 and allowed me to stay off of medication. There were some fluctuations (like it could get up to 140 and then go down) but after the third one-hour session I was fully back to normal. After 4 months I even stopped measuring.


Two years have passed, I am healthy and I know how to deal with stress: moreover many good things have happened in my life. The sessions were full of laughter and the techniques were easy to learn and remember, but the best parts of the sessions were the hypnotic relaxations and Viktoria’s warm and caring atmosphere. Thank you Viktoria!


Eugenia S, Musician/Real Estate Agent

Brooklyn , NY

June 2009



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