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Improved confidence & performance


When I first met Viktoria, I was struck with how intuitive and insightful she was. The beauty of her method is that it is simple and fun but it works like a charm. She has taught me so many marvelous techniques, which I am using in my life on a daily basis, that I don’t even know where to start.


Viktoria is very patient and observant. We discussed various areas that I wanted to improve and she gave me clear steps to achieve those improvements. She explained how some of my old patterns of dealing with situations led to certain undesirable outcomes. I discovered how my mind works and how to change routines that were keeping me from getting the best results, given the circumstances. With her help, I revised some of my existing strategies and put some coping mechanisms in place. I am much more aware of my reaction to various situations, in better control of my emotional states, and more capable of dealing with issues in a positive manner.


I had a separate session with Viktoria to overcome anger and frustration over unpleasant memories that accompanied me for years. I could not forgive myself for mistakes I thought I had made and could not forgive people who I thought took advantage of the situation. In a single long session with hypnosis I was able to liberate myself and move on.  After the session, I felt so relaxed, as if I had enjoyed a long day of treatments at a spa.


Most of all, I am thankful to Viktoria for reminding me to love myself first, discover what “I” want, and how to be good to myself. I was able to get more fully in touch with myself and unlock my inner confidence. As a result, I have a much better relationship with myself and other people.


Viktoria is an exemplary professional. She has a rare depth of understanding human behavior and really knows her NLP. I have achieved fast and real results with her.

Many thanks!

Gayané Hovakimian, PhD, Professor

New York, NY

November 2010



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