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Grief, Depression & New Life Opportunities

It took me some time to come up with my sincere appreciation and warmth for Viktoria. But when you are happy and loved and feel the harmony then you usually enjoy life and forget the worst situations you had in the life. I am the person who was mentioned by my friend Jennet in her testimonial on April 2013.


Almost two years ago my mom passed away and I was struggling with severe grief and depression. This negatively affected my work performance and the environment in the family. My children were very much concerned about me and I also felt  that I need to get help.


My colleague and friend advised me to contact Viktoria for help. I knew Viktoria in a different capacity from Kyrgyzstan and I never expected that she can help me on the matter but decided to try.


When we meet for the first session I was desperately exhausted and prepared a box full of tissues to dry my face from an endless stream of tears. I began crying and explaining my emotions. And I liked it very much as I felt very lonely and wanted to share my feelings with somebody else to release grief. At some point in my crying I heard Viktoria’s voice that interrupted me saying that she was not for listening to these emotions. She wanted to understand how she can help me. This was not exactly what I was expecting from her! I raised my head and looked at Viktoria in surprise. Then she began asking special questions, took me through TimeLine therapy and in a couple of minutes I found myself not crying. The sessions helped me realize that the good remedy to deal with loss is not to stay alone but to change myself and the way I perceive the loss. 


I had a few sessions with Viktoria and they helped me not only resolve the grief and get over the depression but also to start a learning journey for myself.  This journey revealed a lot of opportunities that I had never seen before. And this changed my life completely. My life is balanced now. I have interesting professional and happy private life.

Thank you very much Viktoria for that!


Almaty, Kazakhstan

May 2013



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