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Fear of Flying, Pain Management & More


My Journey: NLP sessions with Viktoria are effective, fast-working, helping a person to go through the changes painlessly and even with joy. You don’t even expect the changes to come your way that quickly and stay with you forever. I was amazed by the results and inspirational happy feeling I was carrying in me after each session. We worked on various issues problematic for me: be that health issues, physical and psychological; fear and uncertainty; ability of effective decision-making; old inner conflicts carried over through the life, entire well-being, old thinking patterns and habits, being balanced and in harmony…and much more…


Another effect of the sessions is that the inevitable positive changes that make you feel happy have a snowball effect that  passes on to your environment, the family, close ones – making them change for better. Moreover, the happier you become, the happier they feel together with you, in your presence.


The caliber and level of Viktoria’s professionalism exceeds any  client's expectations. Her skills are rich in techniques and methods used. She takes an individual approach to each client, and has delicate sensitivity towards the problems and personality of each person. Techniques include deep relaxation and mental journey, switching behavioral patterns, and more. She helps you using the many angles of NLP methods and hypnosis (including ‘past life journey’), as well as  her own unique personality, enriched by the combination of diverse multi-task and multi-national experience, her own nature and wise perception of the reality, and the desire and abilities to help people by passing on the knowledge gained.


Every meeting with her is a special event, full of joy, laughter, discoveries of you, solutions easily coming from your conscious/unconscious parts. Every session makes your day! I don’t remember being so joyful, laughing so full-heartedly, enjoying life and every moment and event in it. As Viktoria herself is well-balanced and in harmony, that feeling gets transferred to you at once and stays with you. No wonder her web-page is called ‘live-in-harmony” – that’s how Viktoria is, and this gets passed on to her clients.


If anyone is looking for a solution to problems, pleasure of interaction, internal and external positive changes, joy and happiness spread, discoveries and findings of yourself and  reality, fun and laughter, living a full and rich life– Viktoria is the right person to consult! Definitely worth doing! I’m enormously grateful to her for everything she has done for me!


Narine Karamyan, poet, writer, photographer,

New York City, USA/Armenia

Owner of Three Jugs Bed&Breakfast & Events

May 2007


You can click here for wonderful insights of two deep trance and past life journey experiences by Narine Karamyan.



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