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Life-Changing Result

Free From a 7–year Gag Reflex

Thank you for your incredible gift.  I would like to tell everyone who needs help about what you can achieve.  


My 11-year-old son had a gag-reflex.  Anytime he would eat a bite of food that he didn't like, especially green vegetables, he would throw it up. He wanted to eat these foods, but his reflexive response was out of his control.  This had been a problem since the age of two or three.  All he would eat were chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and other unhealthy processed foods. Dinners at home were often very unpleasant because we were so angry and exasperated by our failed efforts to get him to eat what was on his plate.  Year after year, the doctors said that this was "just him" and there was nothing we could do about it.  By the age of 11 he had not grown out of it. 


I didn't believe there was any way to fix the problem until Viktoria came into our lives.   Viktoria assessed the situation and was able to solve this basically life-long problem in three days.  We could not believe it.  Viktoria had removed this dark cloud and nobody was happier about it than my son himself.  This was a year ago, and now my son actually prefers veggies and salad to french fries and other unhealthy foods. He feels so much better as a result. It is like a miracle.                                               



Allison Moore

Irvington, New York

May 2013

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