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Stress and Past Memories


I’ve learned about Viktoria from a friend. I had some health issues and as a result developed severe depression; Viktoria was my only hope. She offered to teach me how to cope with stress. Right after the very first session I had a burst of energy, my mood improved and the very first thing I did was to go to my daughter and give her a kiss; it was like waking up from the very long and dark dream. Even though I could not manage my pain using Viktoria’s methods and needed neurologist’s intervention, while I was pain free, I was looking forward to tomorrow, to a new chapter in my life, pain-free. I‘ve learned to appreciate what I have and learned that today’s problems will go away and we can’t and should not blame ourselves for our past mistakes for the rest of our lives. Viktoria has guided me with NLP and hypnosis on how to project the future and how to put aside those unpleasant memories from my past, she made me feel special and happy. Every session would end with us laughing. I know that she will be there for me, not only as a coach, but as a friend.


Inna Shneyder, Financial Analyst

New Jersey, USA

June 2009


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