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Family & Career Advancement


I got to know Viktoria through a reference from my friend, who overcame a debilitating state of grief in only two sessions. I knew how much she had suffered and I was amazed how quickly she recovered after having Skype sessions with Viktoria.  So, I decided to contact Viktoria and now consider her as a member of our family, who took us (my son and I) through the journey of beautiful life changes.


My son’s lack of self-confidence and fear of dogs were the main reasons why I approached Viktoria. My son for many years had tics and that dramatically had contributed to his low self-esteem. His fear of dogs was a consequence of being bitten by one. To my surprise, after talking to Viktoria, I realized that the work should be started first with me. In my case with too much worrying about my son, I completely forgot how to laugh and enjoy life. But Viktoria instilled confidence into me, inspired to look at things positively by teaching different NLP techniques, which I now use on daily basis. This helped me to understand how my mind works and revise routines by turning them into the best results that I want to achieve. I understood a simple thing that if I want my son to be happy, I need to become happy and be a role model for him.  Moreover, learned techniques also helped me to become confident in personal and professional life.


I felt very comfortable working with Viktoria; she is very patient person with excellent observation skills. Using them, she explained in a simple way the logic or chain of results, which helped me to understand how to set objectives oriented towards successful results.   Viktoria’s charm, honesty, and insightfulness makes you feel open and comfortable and these were the reasons why my son was excited for every session he had with Viktoria although we both had them online, via Skype. We both had only 4 sessions but I was noticing positive changes in me and my son after the first one. 


Tics that had disturbed my son for many years reduced by 50% after having the first session and disappeared by the end of the sessions. It has already been a year since then and the word “tic” has not been heard even once around here.  Moreover, dogs are his friends now too. The wonderful techniques that he learned from Viktoria also helped him adapt quickly at his new school and make a lot of friends there. 


Moreover, I have those changes in my personal and professional career that I was dreaming to have for many years. My son is a confident teenage guy who enjoys his life. 


Thanks a lot Viktoria from the bottom of my heart. She is a professional who brought a miracle and happiness to our lives, her help allowed us to rediscover and be in harmony with ourselves because she simply loves people and wants to help.


If you have any questions regarding me or my son’s work with Viktoria please do not hesitate to write on e-mail:



Jennet Appova

United Nations Officer,

NY, New York and Turkmenistan

April 2013



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