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Off Drugs - New Life


My life has changed. My mood has changed. Even my past has changed. I have found a new job. My relationships in the family turned from desperate to the most joyful I could ever dream about. It all has happened overnight – which you definitely won’t believe and you will be right. But when you compare the time of suffering to the time when you succeed to overcome it – its really overnight. I was suffering for 276 480 hours (32 years). The solution to the problem took less than 2880 hours (4 months), which roughly is just 1% of the total suffering time. 


The answer is Viktoria. The most fascinating and impressive thing about her is that she has this fantastic ability to “read” the patient. In less than an hour she had the picture about me, which goes far into my childhood and was multiplied by my current situation. 


I recently immigrated from my home country, was totally lost in personal relationships and on top of that I also lost my business.


Certainly each human sees his or her problems as being the hardest one. Nevertheless, I was a very difficult patient. I am a medical doctor, suffered from depression in the past, was hospitalised in a psychiatric clinic twice in less than 4 years. I was on heavy pills for years obviously. And the most important – I was extremely skeptical about the methods of Viktoria.

My dearest sister, who is a doctor too, just convinced me to try and I agreed.


The result from the very first session was amazing. After I completed the course – in less than 3 weeks and 3 sessions (only) I got rid of drugs, which were taking for years. My doctors here were amazed by my “performance” and could hardly believe that I don’t need the antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills anymore. And then little by little I built myself up again to the point of just being a happy man! I learned how to be happy without any reason, even if  jobless and desperate. It is very important that Viktoria always follows up on her patients – so you always feel that you can count on her.


My gratefulness to Viktoria is difficult to measure and I hope she continues to  bring relief and happiness to those in need.



Dr. Aram Akopyan, MD, PhD

Sydney, Australia

November 2014



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