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Free from emotional cage

Looking back to about 6 months ago I now can see how problematic I was. My past was bottled up; my anxiety had stopped me from moving forward in all aspects of my life. I was emotionally and physically unstable; I wasn’t doing great in school. 


There are many things we worked on with Viktoria, including test anxiety, different phobias, breaking dependency connections, and letting go off my bad feelings. 


I was very skeptical with what I was told about Viktoria’s practices, but I was in no state to argue with my mom and decided to try them. I was hoping this process might put me back on track. I felt that I just needed a push. But instead of just a “push” I got so much more! The sessions changed me so much! It began happening even before the first session, during the assessment session I felt something had lifted off my chest. The TimeLine exercise made so much sense! I began seeing how everything slowly started falling back into place, but I still needed to get past some things that have happened that I couldn’t let go of. 


I had a serious medical condition I believe related to the grudge I held so close to my heart. This was one of the hardest things to move on from but with Viktoria’s help I happily recovered and I was able to change how I looked at my life. 

I am finally in control of my emotions and they aren't blocking my view of my future anymore. I am not stuck in the past and I can happily say that in the past 6 months I learned that only I am in control of my life. I choose where to go, what to do and what to feel! I don’t want to lie in bed all day anymore, I want to go out and do things that I enjoy. I didn’t know how to move on and Viktoria showed me just how to do it and what to do if things get in the way. I still use the exercises she taught me.


I am happy and I am thankful for everything I have, something you always have to keep in mind! I am free of my past and finally free of the emotional cage I had built for myself! 


Sitora Vaxidova

New York, New York

January, 2015



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