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Discover Why Your Teen Isn't Listening, Talking or Cooperating?

An Assessment

Parenting skills have never been more critical than they are today in our era of information overload. Are yours NOT working?

To Find Out, Fill Out This Quick Free Assessment.

Read the questions and rate yourself on a scale from 0 to 10. Mark the number that is most true for YOU.


A "0" means you are in total alignment with the statement on the left, and a 10 means you are in total alignment with the statement on the right. 5 is neutral and the other numbers represent the degree to which you are closer to one side or the other. Trust your intuition because whatever you pick is correct.

Analyze your results
If your score was between 80 and 100: Congratulations! You're doing very well. Anything less than 100 though and a little fine-tuning is needed to improve how you deal with your teen and the challenges of today’s information overload.
If your score was between 50 and 79:  You are managing, but there is definitely room for improvement. You aren't totally lost, but you're also not quite at ease in dealing with your teen’s and your own stress when attempting to protect and help them. So, you can start now to improve your ability to not only secure your family’s peace, but also do a great job in preventing irreparable mistakes that your teen might make. Bring even more ease and laughter into your everyday life with your teen!
If your score was between 10 and 49: You need some serious updating and upgrade of your parenting skills and tool kit. I would highly suggest you take immediate action if you have issues with your teen's behavior.  My books and PIVOT TEEN BEHAVIOR NOW System specifically address these issues and are designed to quickly teach you three simple formulas that immediately will fill the gaps in your knowledge and skills.
Congratulations on taking a concrete step to find solutions for your challenges and optimize your parenting style.  I hope this assessment has helped you better understand your strengths and weaknesses as a parent.


Whatever your score, I invite you to schedule a low-cost ($97) 45-min
Get Your Teen to Cooperate
Strategy Session.  
During this Strategy Session, I focus on 3 main areas:
  1. What are the hidden challenges that might be sabotaging your ability to get cooperation from your teen
  2. What kind of behavior and what kind of relationship you want to have with your teen
  3.  I'll run a couple of behavior alignment tests to give you my personalized recommendations on the next steps in getting your teen to listen and cooperate right away to bring peace and fun back to your family.

I look forward to meeting you and learning all about your family and challenges. I would love to equip you with the best scientifically proven behavior and psychology skills that will enable you to quickly influence your teen's behavior.  This means you update and upgrade your parenting tools and become more effective as a parent. 
Remember, our teens grow up fast! Spend your time with them wisely and enjoy them while they are still with you!
All my best,
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